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receipts come to the area. we actually have seen our neighborhood become much more and more dense there was a lot housing abilities along geneva & and so that housing wasn't biggest at the time. we are looking at the housing - the mission street between 280 and a bunch of on assortment of houses. sometimes, we have one story homes along the corridor. this legislation is about how to put some violation on the corridor for the next 50 years
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this that part of the san francisco we want to make sure that we're building our planning policies to meet the challenge of a prior development area in the areas of san francisco don't see a lot of building. this is about moving forward a create corridors that will any other time the use of public space for housing and other sorment of uses. so let me go over the essential parts of the plan. the neighborhood commercial districts that will allow the zoning customs to meet neighborhood needs. the neighborhood permit a variety of ground floor and
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residential uses. the outer mission is a crucial part of district 11. in the meeting with the neighborhood groups that's right a certain amount of prestigious. this would incorporate controls of the alcohol use district and the diversion appeared before the planning compilation it would prohibit no new liquor licenses. new licenses for certain products will still be allowed. we have done a lot of out reap
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for this legislation the legislation received a lot of support and we've presented to a number of neighborhood groups including the district association and the outer district 11 council and we reached out to the neighborhood watchdog groups. there are a lot of folks here from that district today. i know with the planning department has weighed in on a lot of the details that are technical in detail. proposing to change the name we're asking that the name to include the outer commission
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commercial district. we want to clarify the licenses that are prohibited that's languages provided by the disability department. we want a permit for commercial districts between 2 and 6:00 a.m. the fcc also is interested in specialist beer and wine businesses and we're going to find languages that are flexible enough for those business. we expect some clerical clean
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up. we want future consideration what we saw were gambling cafes and that's been brought. we see that around the country where people are allowed to pay a certain amount of money for a drink and because they paid for the drink they have the ability to find the sweepstakes loiter on the machines. it's not the best permitted use we're going to look at language to regulate that. we've identified 4 such out legalities in the corridor area right now. there have been some concerns raised from the community around
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what we have for allowances for parking. this legislation has allowance for up to one car per unit and it's taken away the minimum requirement. and that makes sense for our the priority development ear so we feel strongly that, you know, this will the allowance we have in this current legislation will meet it for future years. but i know there's a lot of descent in the community for partnering allowances. but we feel that moving forward with this language wouldn't have a serious impact it would be a one to one that would often be built in future years. there's an item that's
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controversial the allowances for medical dispensaries and some members on the commissioner there were 3 dispensaries that were approved on the same day he did not feel that while he didn't have any dispensaries at the same time it didn't make a lot of sense but the planning commission department of motor vehicles didn't know which were to move forward so all 3 were approved. now we have two on the same block and that's not the best use of our lands. i wouldn't want to see two nail
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salons on the same block. but we would have is a 5 hundred foot radius where dispensaries wouldn't be within 5 hundred feet from each other. i'm wanting to hear in terms of whole entire city. i realize this is has met a precedent how in other neighborhoods i want to figure out what's the best tool. are we setting a precedent it might not be the best approach at other places so i'm considering and would love our input on possible come use
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language instead of clustering language. that would be a 5 hundred feet radius calling for conditional used to be used by the planning commission to citing future uses. sow within 5 hundred feet of each other to relocate within 5 hundred feet. this is proposed los angeles. currently they only require discretionary review but to demonstrate it would benefit the neighborhood. if we do this we want the criteria specified so the planning commission can see that that's bringing enhancements and benefits to the neighborhood that the dthorax c has prepared transportation sufficient to
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address the impact on its patient and the dnc is actively engaging in the neighborhood and designating a community la son to deal with the concerns. we're concerned this has enough teeth i'm cussus to hear about your thoughts. i welcome your input on how we might move forward. i think the day we're looking at is may 13. and i actually have the conditional use language and my colleague has additional information >> thank you. >> thank you. the proposed
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zoning is from general gmc districts. for the most part the changes
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are - it has any other time parking restrictions as outlined it would be capped - i'm sorry one parking space per unit and it is outlined in section 151.11 it maintenance the - it institutes the 5 hundred foot buffer between existing dncs. the outlines in your packet are to fix minor errors in the ordinance. it doesn't change the
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boundaries. i'm happy to answer any questions >> opening it for public comment. i'll call some names if you want to line up on this side of the room (calling names) we're going to go ahead and put a two minute clock on it >> good afternoon, commissioners i've spoke before this commission on the right of medical patient and i served for 3 years. >> i'm sorry do you care to give our name for the record.
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>> i'm sorry. i'm a medical advocate. i have several concerns about the proposals of the buffer zone and patient advocates were not concluded in investing this proposal. this is punitive toward the patients in the neighborhood we also feel the neighborhood push issue should be solved within the neighborhood. i see some of the commissioners that spent many years on this plan. i don't think we need any additions. the c u proposal is also not necessary. the discretionary review is in
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have you. all the dispensaries are required to have communityly -
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>> right now i'm suffering with ptsd and c o p and i'm a cancer survivor. we need for you to understand where i'm coming from as medical cannabis patients and respect especially our veterans because we are not getting the respect we deserve. thank you. i oppose this.
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>> hello. my name is theresa. i'm a healer and dispensary is a place where a lot of healing goes on. you may not beware of that. medical cannabis has helped me with this. i have been diagnosed with mental illness just at 52. it's a great way for me to have resources. i also went to a healing school and did healing work. i don't really see any part of this ordinance or legislation really doing anything. this is a sanctuary city. it's just more prejudice against medical cannabis dispensary. if you look at the block, that neighborhood is a place i frequent and it improved and there is of things that it need help with. if we
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are creating a vision 50 years into future as avalos is saying, i think it needs to include healing places and i'm shocked that we are going to talk about gambling and have back doors for more alcohol. i'm sorry, i just started going back to church. it's like hello. it's like if people want to do that. there has to be a vehicle.. and later you will be apologizing to our community and i think you are doing a great job. this legislation is ridiculous. i'm sorry. >> next speaker. den, >> i have a 20 year survivor of
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aids. thank you. good afternoon. my name is mark cameron. i oppose this. it doesn't fit this business. what we have here is supply and demand. if there wasn't a need nobody is going to them. willie brown, our former mayor himself said there is a starbucks on every corner because there is a customer on every corner. we should have this in our community for access to the patients. so many of them are disabled. this is impossible for me without this medication. we have an economic status in
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this community. when people come to spend money, more money is spent around the area. you are not seeing a crime influx in these areas. they have guards out front so there is production in the neighborhoods. we have the whole basis of what the people need as far as recognizing that this is a dispensary as part of our medical distribution system. dispensaries, a pharmacy. it's not a restaurant. you can walk down valencia and they are restaurants after restaurants. they are all succeeded. isn't it up to the people to decide this for supply and demand? thank you. >> hello, i'm denise. i got an
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award for broadcasting about social justice issues. it's just from personal experiences as it drives me. two have made cannabis illegal. congress advises against this. the law makers will not pass them. i'm losing faith in our democracy. congress is letting down these laws. we voted for prop 15 and if it passed today it would pass with more votes. this action correlated with the building boom and any capitalism in san francisco. a city that could not have been made great without working class people. there are no winners here in this legislation. now, earlier i
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heard about hospitals needing more beds because it seems like they are planning on people being more sick and with the medications they give to people. my mother lost her memory due to statin drugs. i grew up reading herb cane and solving chest problems. i know they has changed for the worst. i have been here since i was born. the dispensary has improved my life. the drug laws killed my father. anyway. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners, my name is angie. i'm 26 plus year resident of the excels district. i'm with the active group which is a volunteer driven community base non-profit organization. we focus on the mission street corridor between silver and again via. we support the legislation. we are concerned about a couple things. we are concerned about the parking and removal of the minimum parking requirement because we think that could impact economic via talented -- vitality of the
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neighborhood and we appreciate supervisor avalos taking a look at the cyber cafes and glad he's made you aware about our concerns of those entities that appear to the gambling establishments and also concerned about the mcd, we think that 500 feet is not enough. we would like to see a thousand foot zone. just to put it in perspective, 500 feet is a block. it's a quality of life issue. all of these issues are quality of life issues for those of us who live, work and raise families in the neighborhood. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon. my name is tom burn hooim. i'm going to repeat what i heard earlier. i want to thank mr. avalos for his concern about the liquor store. liquor stores do seem to cause trouble in the community, loitering, panhandling and problems with liquor stores. a lot of people complain about the cannabis clubs and having personally being there. i have been to various cannabis clubs and it's a safe haven. the security guards, i'm going into a personal problem. on 8th and mission i was mugged and attempt to have my laptop taken. security guards came to my rescue and prevented me from
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being mugged. this is an example of how the community has been improved. i don't think that can -- cannabis clubs are a problem. i'm a veteran. there is not number cannabis clubs for the veterans. there is 20,000 homeless veterans in the city that don't have access to the cannabis club. thank you for your time. >> let me call a couple more names. jerry goodman, ken liam a, nicholas somales.
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>> hello. my name is john martinly. i'm here to speak against this ordinance and we are sanctuary city, we need to free up more space and access to the people who really need it who are at as disadvantage and this is really about not making things monopoly where people only can afford to do business in the medical cannabis field and have connections would be favored. contrary to what supervisor
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avalos stated, i have lived in this city for 15 plus years and there are many neighborhoods where there are similar restaurants, metro pcs, wall green's, starbucks that are all clustered. they may not be exactly 500 feet together, but you can take less than a 5 minute walk down market and be within reach of 4 walgreen's. i walk fast, but still. and the metro pcs stores and starbucks they are all crowded together but it's because they are needed. they are used. the medical cannabis population is great. we always bring more safety to the neighborhood that we open up in. it's a hundred percent documented proof. don't let any people say we hurt their neighborhood. we have always helped. it's the
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greatest neighborhood we've ever been in. thank you. >> excuse me, folks. you can refrain from the applause. thank you. >> my name is oscar. i belong to access of love. i'm a native of san francisco. i was born in excels ori -- excelsior. i'm opposed to this. it would never work with excelsior merchants. i feel

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